Residential Students Must Vacate by Friday, March 20 Unless They Receive an Exemption

Effective immediately, students must vacate all UNCG residence halls, suites, and apartments by 5 p.m. Friday, March 20. Students able to leave more quickly are asked to do so.

Students who are away from UNCG and not currently in campus housing should NOT return for their remaining belongings until directed.

For students currently on-campus you have two options:

  1. OPTION 1:
    Remove all belongings and check out of the residence halls. (SEE BELOW)
  2. OPTION 2:
    Take what items you can and depart. Please note, you will NOT be able to return to the halls to gather any belongings until directed.
    • Dispose of all trash/recycling in the dumpster/recycling bin.
    • Please remove all food from your refrigerator (if applicable)
If you are checking out (OPTION 1), please follow these steps:

Prior to departure

Residents will not schedule room inspections or checkout meetings with their RAs.

  1. You must remove all of your belongings from your room.
  2. Dispose of all trash/recycling in the dumpster/recycling bin.
  3. Close and lock all windows and lower blinds.
  4. Please set the room thermostat to 72 degrees or turn the heat to low.
  5. Turn off lights.
  6. Close and lock the room door.
Once you have packed and removed all of your belongings please take the following steps:
  • Go to your designated check-out location for your hall, with your key (chart below).
  • Follow instructions from residence life staff at check out location.
  • Return your key as instructed by the staff member.
  • Please try to avoid congregating in groups. If there are other residents waiting for assistance with the checkout process, please wait patiently, and stay 5 feet away from other students.
  • Please depart as soon as you are able. Other residents will need the space to load their cars. Safe travels to your destination.

*Students wanting their USPS mail/packages forwarded will need to submit a forwarding form with Spartan Mail. To request temporary mail forwarding, please review the information on our forwarding form.

Checkout Locations:
Residence HallCheckout Location
ConeFirst Floor Parlor
GroganFirst Floor Parlor
Jefferson Suites106 – First Floor Conference Room
Haywood/HighlandHaywood Kitchen
Lee/UnionLee Classroom (010)
Lexington/McCormickFront Desk
Lofts on Lee Haywood Kitchen
Mary Foust / GuilfordMary Foust Parlor
Phillips/HawkinsMain Floor Desk
QUAD (Bailey, Coit, Cotten, Gray, Hinshaw, Jamison, Shaw) Tillman-Smart Room – Shaw Residence Hall
Reynolds First Floor Parlor
SpencersNorth Spencer Parlor
Spring Garden ApartmentsGround Floor Conference Room
Tower VillageCommunity Room
Weil/WinfieldMain Lobby