We actualize our mission to promote learning and encourage academic excellence by designing residential academic initiatives that integrate curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students. Housing and Residence Life intentionally dedicates a Senior Assistant Director for Academic Enhancement to provide leadership for this area in conjunction with a diverse group of live-in professionals, graduate assistants, and faculty. The following includes assessment data and highlights of significant initiatives implemented this year.

House Calls

House Calls is a signature event developed by HRL to welcome new first year students to our residence halls with the help of campus volunteers during the start of Fall semester. Faculty, administrators, alumni and friends go door to door visiting new Spartans in their new home away from home ensuring they feel the culture of care at UNC Greensboro. Students get their questions answered and receive a customized drawstring bag with items to support their academic success.

Fall 2018 House Calls

Monday, August 20, 2018 marked the 10th annual House Calls to take place in residence halls across campus.


  • 94 Volunteers Registered for House Calls
    Exceeded target goal of 80 volunteers
  • 30% of total volunteers were faculty members
  • 49% Returning Volunteers
  • 40 different Offices & Departments
  • Total 2306 new first year residents to visit the day of House Calls
  • 1,642 residents were home when volunteers arrived

Fall 2018 Goal

A target goal of 60% residents at home was set in order to increase the average of 54% from over the past eight years of data collection.

In August 2018, we exceeded our target goal with 71.2 % residents at home which is a 12.5% increase from the previous year. This increase perhaps was due to the longevity of the House Calls program with new students arriving at summer orientation already knowing about this signature event. Marketing strategies and incentives were similar for the past few years except for the use of social media and an email blast and printed yard signs were posted as reminders the day of the event. We hope to continue to meet and exceed our target goal in the future.

House Calls 2018 Surveys

Three surveys were administered electronically to target student population, resident advisors, and volunteers to gauge satisfaction and feedback for improvement.

Survey Results at a Glance

Total Response Rates

  • 18% response rate (386 of 2306) Student Survey
  • 54% response rate (51 of 94) Volunteer Survey
  • Resident Advisor (RA) survey response did not yield significance


Categories below were created using participants wording in response to the question: What was the most enjoyable component of House Calls?

  • Being able to meet people and interact with professors
  • Someone to welcome me to UNCG
  • Speaking with police officer(s)
  • Getting free stuff (swag bags, scantrons, staplers, pens)
  • Made me feel at home
  • Friendly staff

The majority of respondents stated they did not have suggestions for improving the program. Suggestions given in summary:

  • More free gifts include candy, snacks, coupons
  • Timing of volunteers (too short, exact time of arrival desired, earlier)

Student Quotes

What was the most enjoyable component of House Calls?
“Feeling like I was home.”
“Talking to the police officer”
“I liked getting to speak with the assistant dean of the honors college! It felt very personal and was really cool to meet her give me encouraging words.”
“The concern HRL showed about how I was assimilating to college life.”

Student Survey

Snapshot of Results


stated email was top communication for House Calls followed by residence life staff at 29.35%


were very satisfied to satisfied to meet members of the UNCG community during House Calls


Volunteer Quotes

Describe your most enjoyable component of House Calls or a “story” you wish to share.

“Seeing the excitement on the students’ faces was a great feeling. I think they appreciated that staff took the time out to welcome them.”

“Fantastic opportunity to interact with students, get some energy from them, and remind ourselves of why we are here. Everyone should take the opportunity to participate and to be reinvigorated by the great [students] that are coming to UNCG.”

“I am used to working with students in crisis or seeing them not always at their best; it was amazing to have the chance to see students within their living space who seemed excited and thriving so far at UNCG. Very energizing!”

“I loved the student interaction and hearing first hand where students were from and how they decided to come here. Their stories create pride in working for UNCG! They were all so excited, polite and appreciative. Super awesome experience! Happy students=happy alumni!”

Volunteer Survey

Snapshot of Results


would participate in House Calls again


would recommend this first-year initiative to colleagues


rated overall experience with House Calls very good to excellent

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

LLC’s are uniquely designed for new first-year/transfer undergraduate students with a growing focus on the sophomore experience. The HRL LLC program consists of seven communities that explore themes related to diversity/social justice, holistic wellness, service-learning, leadership development, career exploration, and global engagement.

HRL LLC 2018-19 Snapshot

  • 112 Total Applications
  • 78 Fall 2018 Enrolled

The program experienced a significant drop in enrollment from Fall 2017 of 158 LLC participants. There were a total of 9 LLC’s in 2017 compared to 7 for 2018-19 school year. Other reasons for decline can only be speculated. In lieu of this decline, we enhanced our marketing and recruitment strategy for the 2019–2020 recruitment cycle. As of May 2019, we are seeing an increase in the number of applications prior to new student orientation which begins in June 2019.

Learn more about our Special Interest Communities >

LLC End of the Year (18-19) Participant Survey

Survey Results Highlight

The survey received a total of 31 responses out of the 70 enrolled as of Fall 2018. The LLCs represented in the responses were Connect, Global Village, Impact (FY/SO), Make A Difference House, Mosaic, and Spartan Wellness.

  • 35.5% considered themselves first-generation college students (neither parent/guardian completed college)
  • 26% were currently student employees at UNCG
  • 39% worked off-campus during the academic year
  • 45% stated the Housing Application was the primary mode of communication of learning about LLCs

Direct quotes from students when asked “why they joined a LLC”

“I joined Connect because I was worried about adjusting as a transfer students.”
“I wanted to make friends and serve my community at the same time”
“I joined Global Village to further study my language of interest and allow me to be active in the campus community.”
“I wanted to become more engaged as a leader, so I joined Impact”
“I joined Mosaic because I felt it was more in-tune with my beliefs and morals