Occupancy 2018-19

Total Occupancy Fall 2018

Aug. 20
Nov. 20
Student TypeCount%Count%
New Transfers3676%3626%
New Upperclassmen2304%2264%
New First Time (FR & GR)240342%236742%

Total Occupancy for Spring 2019

Jan. 14
Apr. 24
Student TypeCount%Count%
New Transfers4548%4248%
New Upperclassmen1573%1443%
New First Time (FR & GR)228142%224542%

Room Change

During the first two-three weeks of classes, HRL has an open room change period when students can make room changes with no reason required. After the open room change period ends, the students must work with their Coordinators for Residence Life and/or Assistant Directors for Residence Life to be approved for a room change.

In the Spring Semester, HRL allows Freshman admitted for the Fall Semester who have lived on campus, to room change into upperclassmen spaces. This results in almost one hundred more room changes completed during the Spring Semester.

We have seen a 22% decrease in room changes from 2017-18 to 2018-19. In addition, Roommate Satisfaction as assessed in the 2018 EBI/Skyfactor Assessment has shown an increase from 5.84 to 6.01, which is an almost 10% increase. As indicated in the chart below, the increase in satisfaction from 2015 has been even higher.

Total Room Changes 2017-18

Fall Room Changes 2017-18

Spring Room Changes 2017-18