Innovation is one of the core values of Housing and Residence Life, staff are always on the lookout for ways to use technology to improve processes, create efficiency, and ultimately better serve our residents.


In July 2017, Philo was implemented and grants all on campus residents the ability to watch live television from a variety of devices anywhere on campus as long as they are connected to the campus wireless. Philo provides 96 live channels and DVR capabilities and allows streaming to phones, laptops, tablets and media streaming devices like Roku. In October 2017 we also started providing additional web services like HBO GO and Cinemax GO.

  • Total Channels: 96 including HBO and Cinemax Premium Suites
  • Average Active Philo Users Per Month: 1823
  • Average Hours Per User Per Month: 59

Top 5 Channels


  1. BET
  2. MTV2
  3. Cartoon Network
  4. ESPN
  5. VH1


  1. BET
  2. VH1
  3. MTV2
  4. Cartoon Network
  5. ESPN

MediaConnect & Devices

UNC Greensboro now provides a mechanism ( to connect some gaming consoles and Internet TV devices to the wireless network in the residence halls.

Through a self-service registration process, each resident can have up to three entertainment devices connected to UNC Greensboro’s network at a time.

MediaConnect & Device Comparison from 2017-2018

Total Devices 2017-18

Types of Registered Devices 2017-18

Typical Network Traffic

Text Needed – Typical network traffic in the Residence halls from April 7, 2019.

Active Philo Users

Text Needed – Typical number of active users on Philo on from April 8, 2019.

Active Users



In July of 2018, Residence Life implemented a third-party digital education system called Roompact. This system is designed to act as a “hub” of information for resident advisors (RA) and professional staff members. Several processes were streamlined and are now administered by one central system. With the support of this software, these processes include roommate agreements, Connections (intentional residential student interaction tracking), duty logs, lockouts, program proposals and evaluation, and room condition reports.

Roompact Totals

  • 35 individual forms used in various residence halls
  • Over 3,000 Roommate Agreements Completed
  • Total Programs – 1,383
  • Total Connections – 25,686
  • Total Forms – 44,389
  • Lockouts – 4,088

Roommate Agreements

No more paper here! In the past, residents would complete a paper copy of their roommate agreement, and give a copy to their RA. If changes needed to be made, the RA would have to give the agreement back to the residents, who would make the changes, and then return the form back to the RA.

With our new system, the process is entirely online. Residents receive email reminders letting them know to complete a roommate agreement at the beginning of the year. The form is fully customizable and allows HRL staff to provide prompts for students to discuss important topics. Once the agreement is finished, each resident submits with an electronic signature, then the RA is notified. Should changes be needed, residents simply log into the system and update the agreement.


of first-year students completed a roommate agreement.


A total of 1,383 programs were offered within the residence halls, with this new system allowing the program proposal, acceptance, and assessment all to be completed in one centralized location. The submission form was updated to include current measures of interest, such as faculty involvement and academic support.

Room-Condition Reporting

Developing a start-to-finish room condition reporting process has proven difficult in the past. This year was no different. While the Roompact software allowed for customizable room condition reports to be delivered to students based on the type of housing in which they reside, photos of any damages had to be emailed separately. This caused additional work on the staff, as they needed to sort, label and digitally store the photos in a separate location. Fortunately, Roompact was receptive to the concerns shared and have added the option to submit a photo with the RCR form in the 2019-2020 academic year. This will save a great deal of time for residence life staff and provide a more streamlined process for our residents.

Digital Entries by the Numbers

RoomPact Digital System

  • 35 individual forms used in various residence halls
  • Over 3,000 Roommate Agreements Completed
  • Total Programs: 1,383
  • Total Connections: 25,686
  • Total Forms: 44,389
  • Lockouts: 4,088

TMA Work Orders

  • Aug. 1-Nov. 1, 2017: 505
  • Aug. 1-Nov. 1, 2018: 52