A student in his room in Shaw Residence Hall

We are determined to make sure that new students and their families feel confident, secure and included while living in their new UNCG community. Following these simple suggestions can help you feel welcome from the moment you step on campus.

The First Few Days on Campus

College students and their families often have mixed emotions about the start of college. We hope to make the transition easier for all of you. If you already know the answers to commonly asked questions of typical new Spartans and their families, you’ll feel more prepared and secure about living at UNCG.

HRL staff will make sure that residents get off to the right start immediately after they arrive in the halls with programs designed to help them get acclimated.

But, more than that, new residents will begin to make connections with other new students and trained HRL student staff who live on their floor with them, called Resident Advisors (RAs). The RAs become their friends, their mentors and their informal counselors when problems arise. Since RAs are students themselves, they can identify with the unique struggles that residents sometimes face.

RAs are supervised by highly trained professional staff members and at least one professional lives in each residence hall building.

Your first Spartan lesson, SPARTAN SPEAK

Acronyms and abbreviations are used everywhere on campus, for locations, offices, and even people. You’ll get used to this and you’ll quickly use these acronyms too. You already know that HRL stands for Housing and Residence Life. It’s nice for families and students to know some others so they can understand what Spartans are talking about. Here are a few more acronyms from housing:

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Following are professional HRL staff in the residence halls:

  • Residential College Coordinator (RCC)
    • An RCC is a faculty-in-residence who teaches courses and oversees the daily management of a residential college program.
  • Coordinator for Residence Life (CRL)
    • CRLs are highly trained professionals with master’s degrees, who work full-time for HRL.
  • Assistant Coordinators for Residence Life (ACRL)
    • ACRLs are graduate students, who are supervised by full-time professionals.
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The Quad

The Quad is a cluster of buildings centered around a courtyard, bordered by Gray Dr. and West Dr. These residence halls include Bailey, Coit, Cotten, Gray, Hinshaw, Jamison and Shaw.

The High Rises

Cone, Grogan and Reynolds are clustered together near Market Street and are referred to as the high rises for obvious reasons. Each building contains at least 8 floors and they are nestled together and walking trails branch out through the trees in every direction from the high rises.

College Ave

When students mention College Avenue, they are referring to an extensive part of campus with a beautiful, wide walkway lined with brick that extends from Spring Garden Street to North Drive. North and South Spencer, Mary Foust and Guilford residence halls are located along this scenic strip that is also surrounded by academic buildings.


The Elliott University Center (EUC) is a familiar and frequently used home base at UNCG. There are a variety of eateries, including Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s, Subway, Salsarita’s, Barnes and Noble and more. The bookstore, SpartanCard services, and campus offices and meeting spaces are located here.