We typically reach a point where we have very few rooms available at any point during the day. This happens every year, but don’t panic! You will be able to continue to search for, and assign yourself to, rooms that become available until June 30! During that time, nearly 500 students will cancel their housing. When a person cancels his or her housing, that space will be available for students to self-assign, so keep trying.

We will have many students change their plans and cancel their housing for 2017-2018. Here are some key reasons and dates:

  • March 20 – April 1: Students accepted to Study Abroad will cancel their housing.
  • March 7 – 21: Students hired as RAs will be re-assigned to RA rooms
  • Students will confirm their transfer to another school and cancel their housing
  • Students will decide to commute or live off campus
  • May 9 – May 31: Students will become academically ineligible
  • Students who had their prepayment waived have until May 1 to cancel without paying a $200 Cancellation Fee.

If the anticipated freshman class is smaller than expected, additional space will be made available for upperclassmen. The responsibility to assign yourself to a room is your responsibility until June 30. After June 30, you will be assigned to a room by Housing staff.