OTM Quick Tips

  1. Make sure your nomination is month specific.  It is essential that you keep the nomination framed in the month that it occurred. For example if you are writing an OTM in the month of April you should not include information from March.
  2. Write as if the reader does not attend UNCG. If  an amazing event occurred at the EUC write out Elliot University Center and describe what it is. We may know what EUC is, but as OTMs move up to the state, regional, and national level other people will not know what the EUC is.
  3. Make sure your OTM is polished. Grammar, spelling, punctuation qre important in OTMs. No matter how amazing a nomination may be, if there are a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes it may not be selected, so make sure you proofread your OTM! You may even want to consider writing it on a word document and then copy and paste it onto the OTM form.
  4. Make the OTM creative yet concise.Make sure your OTM encompasses all the details you want it to but add some flare. Quotes from a famous person or another executive member, yes add it make it unique as possible.
  5. Stay within the word limit, this can be something that easily and quickly disqualifies an OTM no matter how great it may be.
  6. Make sure your OTM is in the right category. For example if you are writing about a student who happens to be a junior make sure you choose the student category and not the first year student category. Categories can be found below.

OTM Categories

  • Educational Program
  • Advisor
  • Residence Life Faculty/Staff
  • Social Program
  • Spotlight
  • Institution Faculty/Staff
  • Student
  • First Year Student
  • Organization
  • Diversity Program
  • Residential Community
  • Resident Assistant
  • Passive Program
  • Community Service Program
  • Executive Board Member

Descriptions of each category can be found on the OTM website https://otms.nrhh.org/.