COVID-19 required comprehensive, immediate action in every community. UNCG was no exception, and we implemented further measures to keep our students, faculty and staff, and community as safe as possible while contributing to the broader public health effort around COVID-19. Please understand that the situation remains fluid and your patience and flexibility are appreciated. Residential students without an approved exception have vacated the residence halls. Those who were approved to remain on campus can find FAQs about their situation HERE.

We are now in the next phase, for those students who need to return to campus to get their belongings from the residence halls.

March 25 – March 27: Getting Belongings

Currently, we are no longer accepting responses per the Guilford County “Stay-at-Home” Order (See their frequently asked questions.) effective 5 p.m. on March 27 and continuing through April 16. We will notify you when we are able to invite you again to complete a reservation to remove belongings from your room. The halls and student room remain secure and University Police continue to provide safety and security to the campus. NO CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED. ALL TIMES FOR MARCH 26 AND MARCH 27 ARE FILLED.

THE City of Greensboro and Guilford County HAVE ISSUED A “STAY-AT-HOME” ORDER effective 5 pm march 27 and continuing until april 16. STUDENTS ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO RETRIEVE BELONGINGS FROM THE RESIDENCE HALLS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

More Information

We are working with the UNC System, along with state elected officials, to address refunds and reimbursements. They have indicated that decisions about refunds for housing and dining fees will be postponed until we are beyond the imminent issues facing us with mitigating the spread of the virus. We will not have any additional information to share with you until that time. This also applies to campus-based fees, including parking and student activities facilities and programs.

Remember, if there are adjustments to your account and a refund is generated, please be sure you review the Student Refund Process using the link below.
Student Refund Process >

General FAQs

Please see the information above, on this page.
You can mail it to us at the address below. Be sure you pack the key securely and add tracking to your postage.

Housing and Residence Life PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

FAQs for Students Approved to Remain in Campus Housing

Just a few reminders about your stay with us during this time.

Housing Policies
All housing and university rules still apply. Violation of policies may lead to you being removed from the residence halls.

No visitors allowed into the halls. You may not have guests or family members enter the halls and/or your rooms. Please avoid gathering in large groups in lounges, public spaces, and or individual apartments. During this time we are still operating under the “social distancing” recommendations.

Need Assistance
There is still someone on call to provide assistance if needed. On-call information is posted in your hall. The number is here for your convenience (336-458-8760).

Spring Garden Apartments: you must take your key with you to avoid being locked out of your room. Doors, unlike in other areas, will lock behind you.

Other Items
Please make sure you have your key and Spartan ID card with you at all times. Make sure to check your email for all updates.

It is reasonable to plan for confirmed cases within the UNCG population to emerge at some point. UNCG does have the capability to quarantine or isolate students who remain on campus should the need arise.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to call Student Health Services before going to their office. Call 336-334-3148 or visit their website ( for information.
At the current time, no. However, be sure to check your iSpartan email often. Procedures are frequently evolving.

If the campus is quarantined, you will not be able to leave campus and this is the reason we are evacuating the campus as much as possible. Students who do remain in housing on campus should be aware that access to many facilities and services are limited. This is a highly unusual situation and we have to follow the guidelines issued by the Governor, while making sure that your basic needs are being met.
No. Driving services like Uber or Lyft may be the best option available at this time.
To find out where you can eat on campus, please visit Dine-On-Campus.
Keep checking, where a list of restaurants that deliver, or are offering curbside service are listed. For now, you are also able to receive food deliveries, but you must meet the delivery person outside the building. This could charge if we are quarantined or told to shelter in place. For food deliveries, use the building addresses located here:
You will be able to connect with others with Social Media, email, and phone calls only. No visitation or visitors will be allowed, or you may risk having your exception revoked. Until we get updates from the Governor, and while you are still able to leave the residence halls, you may only meet people outside of campus.
The Coordinator for Residence Life staff will remain in the buildings. To contact Housing and Residence Life staff, please use the “On-Call Duty Number” (336-458-8760), or the Housing and Residence Life Central Office Phone number (336-334-5636). The Coordinators for Residence Life are staff members who will continue to live in their residence hall locations.