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At certain times during the year, there are scheduled breaks when most students go home or on vacation. The term “break housing” refers to limited housing availability at an additional charge during these break periods. These include:

  • Fall Break (typically in October)
  • Winter Break (from December-January)
  • Spring Break (typically in March/April)
  • Pre-Summer Break (between Spring Semester and Summer School)
  • Summer Break (Summer 1 and Summer 2)
  • Post-Summer Break (between Summer School and the Fall Semester)

SUMMER Housing 2024

March 15, 2024Application Open in Artemis
May 1, 2024Application Closes
May 1, 2024 Deadline for students not taking summer classes to make $978 payment in ARTEMIS
Summer Assignment Can Be Viewed on Artemis
May 7, 2024Session 1 Move In
June 12 by 4:00pmSession 1 Move Out
June 12 at 4:00pmSession 2 Move In
July 19, 2024Session 2 Move Out

Students interested in living on campus for Summer 2024 will be able to apply for summer housing beginning on March 15, 2024.

Here are some key points to consider about living on campus for Summer 2024:

  • Students will be assigned to Lee or Haywood Hall in 4 bedroom apartments.
  • Current Spring 2024 on campus residents will be able to move into their Summer 2024 assignments directly before the beginning of Summer 2024 classes.
  • The room rate for Summer 2024 Housing for each 5-week session will be  $978 or $1,956 for both summer sessions. In addition, students living on campus for Fall 2024 may also sign up for the break period between the end of Summer 2024 and beginning for Fall 2024. The Summer 2024 Break Housing Charge will be $450.
  • Spring 2024 Residents of Lofts on Lee can keep their space for Summer 2024.
  • Spring 2024 Residents of Lee and Haywood will be given priority to keep their Spring 2024 room assignment for Summer 2024.
  • Fall 2024 Residents of Lee and Haywood will be given second priority to be assigned to their Fall Assignment for Summer 2024.

For Students registered for at least one class for the summer, housing charges will be placed on the student account and must be paid to the Cashier’s Office with other summer tuition and fees.

UNCG Students in good academic standing who are not registered for summer session classes may also live on campus during the summer but must pay UNCG Housing directly.  Non-Registered Students may pay by credit or debit card in ARTEMIS.

Lofts on Lee: Students currently living in Lofts on Lee can stay in the Spring 2024 housing assignment.

Winter Break Housing: FALL 24 TO SPRING 2025

If you require housing during the break period TBD, you may apply to be considered for winter break housing. 

Students who live in Spartan Village, Spring Garden Apartments, Tower Village and Lofts on Lee may apply for Break Housing. Students must be contracted for both Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. Once approved the student will stay in their Spring 2025 assignment at an additional cost placed on their student account in February 2025. 

Students in all other buildings may request Break Housing.

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