Housing and Residence Life seeks to create a culture of assessment where staff members are making informed, data-driven, decisions. By routinely reviewing our programs and services through intentional assessment, HRL is able to continually improve the residential experience. All members of the HRL team are encouraged to engage in assessment practices and support is provided throughout this process.

This booklet provides a brief snapshot and overview of assessment practices within Housing and Residence Life. Whether it’s through our bi-annual participation in the national benchmarking program provided through SkyFactor in partnership with Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (ACUHO-I), assessing student learning within the residence halls, or simply gauging resident satisfaction, HRL is committed to learning and improving through assessment.

While we are unable to highlight all the great work being done throughout the department, we hope the information contained within will provide a glimpse into the experience we seek to provide for our residents, and the impact we strive to make on our campus and beyond. Though assessment is a department-wide process, a special thanks to Chris Gregory, Assistant Director for Residence Life, and Maggie Gillespie, Coordinator for Residence Life, for their leadership in this process and the creation of this booklet.

Please enjoy.

Timothy Johnson, J. D.
Director of Housing and Residence Life
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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