No matter what your major is, while you’re at UNCG you can be sure that you will be doing a lot of writing and public speaking, and probably some media production as well. You will find your communication skills are important not only in your education, but in your future professional careers and personal lives.

UNCG offers several support options that provide academic help, including the Writing Center, Speaking Center, and Digital Media Commons. Each of these facilities offers consultation and materials to help you succeed and strengthen your skills at every level, from novice to expert.

The Writing Center

At the Writing Center, consultants read drafts of your paper with you and have a conversation about your paper’s intent and their responses to the writing. Whether you think of writing as your strongest or weakest skill, the Writing Center can help you make improvements. Writing Center sessions are comfortable. Consultants focus on feedback, not correction. They read papers aloud, so you can hear the rhythm and voice in your work. You’ll often catch things that you wouldn’t ordinarily if you were just reading over a draft on your computer. The Writing Center also offers online sessions, and support for non-native English writers.

The Speaking Center

The Speaking Center features consultants who can conduct workshops face-to-face or online. They also offer support for non-native English speakers. You can practice presentations in front of a consulting group to gain confidence in your presentation style. You will learn new techniques to try to improve your effectiveness. The Speaking Center not only helps you with your voice and body language, but also provides feedback on your presentation as a whole.

The Digital Media Commons

The UNCG Library opened the Digital Media Commons in 2012. Inside the Commons, you will find the Digital ACT Studio. ACT—Action, Consultation, Training—staff offer feedback and support on any digital project including PowerPoint presentations, websites, photography, audio, and video productions. The Commons also offers equipment and workspace for multimedia projects.