Join the Spartan community as we host the 6th annual Tunnel of Oppression on March 24, 2020, from 1-7 p.m. in the EUC, Cone Ballroom.

What is Tunnel of Oppression?

Tunnel of Oppression is an experiential program intended to challenge people’s thoughts and perceptions on issues dealing with oppression, discrimination and marginalization. This program is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the effects of these issues within the UNC Greensboro campus community and society. It is sponsored by Campus Activities & Programs, The Counseling Center, Dean of Students, Housing & Residence Life, Intercultural Engagement, Leadership & Civic Engagement, Recreation & Wellness, The Residence Hall Association, and The Residential Colleges.

Want to Volunteer?

We are currently looking for volunteers to help in the running of this event. Student volunteers play a critical role in making this program successful. We are looking for volunteers to help in a number of ways.

  • Acting: Always wanted to be an actor? Act in the Tunnel of Oppression, by participating in one of the scenes/rooms. You don’t have to have any theatre experience and we don’t expect you to memorize every single line. You will get the chance to practice the scenes in rehearsals prior to the event! Dates of rehearsal TBD.
  • Day-of: Want to be on the front lines of the Tunnel on March 24th? Sign up to be a day-of volunteers! This role is a jack-of-all-trades doing anything from check-in to distributing t-shirts to directing people to come see the Tunnel.
  • Tour Guides: A key to the Tunnel experience are the tour guides. Your role is to lead groups of participants through the Tunnel itself, which may require some involvement or interaction with the scenes (for example, starting a video or giving actors their cues with specific dialog).

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Form. If you have any questions regarding Tunnel of Oppression or serving as a volunteer, please email Paul Lentz at