UNCG Housing Cuts the Cord in Fall 2017

Starting July 1, 2017, we’re taking two new and exciting steps
to improve your wireless experience.

1) SpartanTV using Philo – Live TV + DVR on any device

Philo allows campus residents to watch live TV and record their favorite shows using their laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets. You’ll just use your iSpartan login to connect to Philo. You will be able to watch your favorite shows anywhere on campus with a UNCG wireless connection. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • More than 90 channels that you can watch on campus using your phone, tablet, computer, Roku, or Apple TV (AirPlay).
  • DVR capability that will allow you to record 20 hours of your favorite shows.
  • HBO Go and Cinemax Go – Not only can you watch these premium channels on campus, but also when you go home, or anywhere you travel.

2) The Newest Wireless Standard

In the fall, you will connect to premium AC wireless. No extra cables are needed for any of your devices! Residents will continue to access the internet on all devices using UNCG’s eduroam and wireless networks. With this improved service, every device will connect wirelessly, including desktops and gaming consoles. No extra Ethernet cables or cords are needed. The cable modems will no longer be available for a physical connection. Check the updates below for further information.

Both features will be at your fingertips beginning July 1!

Philo and Wireless Updates to Come!

We will be updating this Spartan TV web page with information about channels, compatible streaming devices, and setting up your TV in the weeks before check-in. Students living in Spring Garden and Lofts on Lee during second summer session will get the first chance to “cut the cord” and watch TV wirelessly on all of their devices using Philo.

Get Up and Running

We know that it can be tricky to get all of your devices up and running. If you are experiencing problems, please check the wireless information below before calling for assistance. Many of the questions you have may be answered. If, after checking all of this information, you still have technology issues, please call 6-tech (336-256-8324), or submit a FIXT Work Request and our technology support personnel will be happy to help.

Connect your Media Device to the UNCG Wireless Network

Residents have the option of wirelessly connecting media up to three devices like gaming consoles, Smart TVs, blu-ray players, Apple TVs, and Roku Boxes. First, REGISTER THE DEVICE. The UNCG wireless network does not support wireless printing.

If you have problems finding the Wireless MAC address try these suggested steps.

Differences Between the Two Wireless Networks

EduRoam: This network provides secure encryption with no bandwidth restrictions and no firewall restrictions beyond those already in place for security purposes on the wired network; access is available to the same set of services as the current wired network. To obtain access to this encrypted network, wireless clients will be required to configure their laptops for 802.1X authentication.

UNCG-Wireless: This network is available for visitors to the UNCG campus. The UNCG-Wireless network is an open, unsecured network with reduced transfer rate, and access is restricted to basic Internet use only. This network also has an auto configuration tool that configures UNCG member’s computers for the Eduroam Wireless Network. Periodically UNCG-Wireless users will be redirected to the configuration tool. All UNCG faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use the secure network. Note: Current UNCG network security policies prohibit students from installing and using their own wireless equipment. Review the Wireless Communication Policy for more information.

Wireless Support Locations

The 6TECH Service Center offers full wireless support for laptops and is located in the McNutt lobby. TSC hours are posted online and after hours wireless support is available in the Super Lab. Other Technology Resources

Useful UNCG Computer Resources

The following links may be helpful to you as you use your computer on campus: If you are experiencing difficulties with your UNCG e-mail or a wireless connection from elsewhere on campus, please call 6-TECH at 336-256-8324, or visit them online.

Although residents won't be able to access Philo until July 1, we want to give you a preview of how it will work. Get ready for television when, where, and how you want it.