Housing and Residence Life works diligently to ensure your room is in the best possible condition for your arrival. However, if you notice something in your room that appears damaged or out of place when you check in, we ask that you report it right away. It is your responsibility to report any damages on a Room Condition Report in order to avoid being charged when you move out. Room Condition Reports are submitted through Roompact.

If using Mobile Device

  • Log into Roompact
  • Click on the hamburger menu on the top right
  • Click on forms
  • Click on Room Condition Report

If using a computer

  • Log into Roompact
  • Click on forms on the left side
  • Click on Room Condition Report

Note that this form is only for permanent, pre-existing damages, such as missing paint or a missing floor tile. Issues such as a dead light bulb or broken window should be reported immediately using the FIXT Work Order System. If you are uncertain whether an issue constitutes pre-existing damage as opposed to “regular wear-and-tear,” please consult the photo guide below.

You must complete an RCR within 72 hours of receiving your room key. This form is time-stamped, so your exact time of submission will be recorded.

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