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As the semester comes to a close, it is very important for you to work with the staff to ensure a smooth check-out process. There will be deadlines, flyers, emails, and other important messages sent out regarding the closing procedures of the residence halls. Check-out cell phone contacts will also be listed.

The Check-Out Process

  • Make sure you know your building’s check out cell phone number.
  • Sign up for a check-out appointment with a member of your building staff by noon on Reading Day.
  • Have ALL items removed from your room before your scheduled check-out time. Thoroughly clean your room. (Rooms should be left in the same condition as when you checked in.)
  • Have your key ready to give to the staff member checking you out.
  • Remember to date the key envelope and sign the room condition form.
  • Remember that staff members will be assisting other residents in checking out and may not be available immediately upon request.
  • If you need to leave earlier or later than expected, please follow the specific instructions listed below.
Are you finding that some of your clothes don’t fit right anymore or they just don’t fit your style anymore? Do you have decorations or appliances you no longer need? Have the Ramen noodles, Easy-Mac and Chef Boyardee lost their magic? You’ll find you have accumulated a lot of stuff in your room since August and you probably don’t want to take it all home or to your new apartment. The good news is UNCG has a program that gets these items to those who need it – Cram and Scram.  

From Reading Day through Graduation, your Residence Hall Lobby will have specially marked bins to collect all these items so that they can be reused or donated to those in need. These donation bins will collect the following: any clothing in good condition (no underwear or socks), decorations, shoes, books, electronics and appliances, and unopened non-perishable food.  

Items NOT to be included in donations: egg crates (mattress toppers), garbage/recyclable trash, pillows, hangers, and carpeting. In addition, these bins will collect your blue recycling bag. You are required to return that bag so that future resident students can enjoy them next semester.  

For safety reasons we do NOT want your dirty items, underwear, socks, trash/recycling, foam mattress pads, pillows, cosmetic products, laundry detergent or broken mirrors in these special donation bins. These items should be brought to the appropriate dumpster outside your building. These dumpsters will be emptied twice a day during the move-out time period, and please don’t block them with your car.
Residence Hall NameContact Number
Jefferson Suites336-458-8500
Lofts on Lee336-458-8707
Mary Foust336-458-8524
North Spencer336-458-8552
South Spencer336-458-8552
Spartan Village (Lee & Union)336-458-8273
Spartan Village (Highland & Haywood)336-458-8707
Spartan Village (Lexington & McCormick)336-458-8402
Spring Garden Apts.336-458-8709
The Quad - 7 halls336-458-8398
Tower Village336-458-8760
During 23-hour quiet hours, noise levels should be kept to a minimum and contained within individual rooms. From 8-9 p.m. each evening, there will be a Courtesy Hour when noise expectations are relaxed. It is important to note that HRL is committed to providing a quiet atmosphere, conducive to studying. Noise violations will be taken seriously and students will be held accountable using the student conduct process.
If you need to check-out of the residence halls prior to Reading Day, you will need to contact your building staff members (RA or CRL), and return your room keys to them. BE SURE TO CONTACT THEM WELL AHEAD OF TIME SO THEY CAN INSPECT YOUR ROOM FOR DAMAGES AND ARE AVAILABLE!
Students who need to stay beyond the regular check out time (24 hours after his/her last exam) should complete the Request for Late Stay form by the date indicated in the Check-Out Guide. If approved you will be notified with instructions for checking out late. The latest you may stay is 4 p.m. the day before graduation. Your request will be reviewed by your CRL, who will contact you with approval/non-approval and provide you with direction on check-out, room inspection and return of your room key.
You will be able to stay in your current room until noon on the day after graduation. Check with your CRL for more information on room inspection and returning your key. To properly check out and avoid any improper check-out or damage charges please follow these steps:
  • Set a time with your RA to inspect your room for damages.
  • Be sure that your travel plans take into account the check-out deadline. This is especially important for international students.
  • If you have questions, ask well before Graduation Day!
Students approved to participate in graduation (e.g. Marshall, University Chorus, etc.) may also stay until noon on the day after graduation. Check with your CRL for more information on room inspection and returning your key.
As you move out of your room, please continue to practice safety precautions to keep the residence halls and students safe:
  • Remember to lock room doors when no one is in the room.
  • Don’t allow “tailgaters” into the hall unless you know that they live in the hall.
  • Remember to lock car doors when moving your items out unless you have someone at your vehicle to monitor your belongings.
  • Call University Police immediately to report any suspicious behavior you observe in and around the residence halls.
If you leased a MicroFridge for the academic year, you need to make sure it is emptied and clean before your departure. The leasing company will be picking up the MicroFridges the week of graduation. Please contact them if you have any questions.
Please take your bikes home over the summer. If you will live on campus during summer school, please email bike@uncg.edu with your contact information and bike registration number. Bikes that remain on campus without authorization will be tagged as abandoned and impounded by campus police.
Listed in the Check-Out Guide are some common charges associated with the end-of-the-year check-out process. Please pay attention to all closing information, deadlines, and information to avoid these charges. Charges for damages to a room accrue based upon the extent and number of damages. Listed (below) are some common charges associated with the end-of-the-year check-out process. Please pay attention to all closing information, deadlines, and information to avoid these charges. Charges for damages to a room accrue based upon the extent and number of damages.

Damage Billing Charges

Charge/Damage CategoryHousing and Residence Life Action or Charge/DamageInternal NotesCost of Charge/Damages
ScreenReplace screen wireAny size$40.00
ScreenReplace aluminum screen frame and wireAny size$70.00
ScreenReplace aluminum screen frame and security screenAny size$250.00
ScreenRehang or fasten screenAny size$20.00
GlassReplace glass window paneStandard size$100.00
GlassReplace full-length windowStandard size$300.00
ShadesReplace one inch mini blindAny size$85.00
TileReplace floor tileAny Size (charge per tile)$30.00
TileReplace ceiling tile24" X 48" tile (charge per tile)$35.00
TileReplace ceiling tile24" X 24" tile (charge per tile)$20.00
Service FeeReturn furniture to common areasPer day in student room$25.00
Service FeeClean roomMinimum charge$150.00
Service FeeElevator contractor serviceMinimum per call$360.00
Service FeeImproper checkout fee$25.00
Service FeeRemoval of personal items and stored$225.00
Service FeeRemoval of personal items and moved to new room$250.00
Service FeeTampering with life/safety equipmentIncluding signs, minimum$175.00
Service FeeMiscellaneous action required by housekeepingPer Hour$35.00
Access ControlReplace flex passIncludes reprogramming$20.00
Access ControlChange lock to roomDouble Room$35.00
Access ControlChange lock to roomSuites and Apartments$75.00
Doors and WallsRepair closet door hardware$20.00
Doors and WallsRe-hang closet door/overhead storage bin door$20.00
Doors and WallsReplace any wood doorInterior or exterior$350.00
Doors and WallsReplace any metal doorInterior or exterior minimum$500.00
Doors and WallsRe-hang wall-mounted desk$50.00
Doors and WallsReplace or repair transom$50.00
Doors and WallsRepaint entire roomMinimum charge$600.00
Doors and WallsRepaint one wallPer coat of paint$100.00
Doors and WallsPaint ceilingPer coat of paint$125.00
Doors and WallsReplace door knobMinimum$55.00
Doors and WallsReplace door lock$130.00
Doors and WallsReplace door closer$120.00
Repairs to plaster to include repainting repaired areaPer hour with a minimum of three hours$35.00
Room FurnishingsReplace bed$350.00
Room FurnishingReplace bed partPer part$75.00
Room FurnishingsReassemble bed or modular furniturePer person$40.00
Room FurnishingsReplace wardrobe72" x 36" x 24"$500.00
Room FurnishingsReplace mattress$150.00
Room FurnishingsReplace Sauder Three Position Chair$275.00
Room FurnishingsReplace desk or dresser drawerWooden desk/drawer$350.00
Room FurnishingsTask Chair$220.00
Room FurnishingsRoom setup$75.00
Suite BathroomReplace toilet seat$35.00
Suite BathroomReplace shower curtain$20.00
Suite BathroomClear drain linesRoom wash basins$75.00
Suite BathroomReplace shower curtain rod$20.00
Suite BathroomReplace drawer$100.00
Suite BathroomReplace towel rack or hook$25.00
Suite BathroomReplace light cover$20.00
Suite BathroomReplace vent cover$20.00
ADA Bathroom FixturesShower seat$200.00
ADA Bathroom FixturesGrab bar$40.00
ADA Bathroom FixturesShower fixtureMinimum$100.00
ADA Bathroom FixturesCleaning chargePer hour$35.00

Building Specific: Jefferson Suites

Building Specific: Jefferson SuitesHousing and Residence Life Action or Charge/DamageCost of Charge/Damages
Room furnishingsReplace twin bed$268.00
Room furnishingsReplace safety rail$24.00
Room furnishingsFull size bed$290.00
Room furnishingsDesk$315.95
Room furnishingsDresser$279.95
Room furnishingsThree drawer pedestal$207.70
Room furnishingsDrawers (all furniture)$75.00
Suite furnishingsBlack lounge chair$284.00
Suite furnishingsBlack loveseat$431.00
Suite furnishingsBlack sofa$598.00
Room FurnishingsTask chair (mesh back)$116.00
Room furnishingsStackable sled base chairs$45.00
Room furnishingsCoffee tables (golden brown)$144.00

Building Specific: Quad Residence Halls

Building Specific: Quad Residence HallsHousing and Residence Life Action or Charge/DamageCost of Charge/Damages
Room furnishingsTwin bed$304.66
Room furnishingsMattress$72.00
Room furnishingsFull size bed$316.74
Room furnishingsDesk$342.63
Room furnishingsDresser$306.65
Room furnishingsPedestal$234.38
Common area FurnishingsSofa$1,139
Common area furnishingsLoveseat$873
Common area furnishingsChair$610
Common area furnishingsWood table$357.50
Common area furnishingsWood chairs$128.50

Building Specific: Spartan Village

Building Specific: Spartan VillageHousing and Residence Life Action or Charge/DamageCost of Charge/Damages
Room furnishingsBed$287
Room furnishingsMattress$93
Room furnishingsTask Chair$131
Room furnishingsDesk$155
Room furnishingsDresser$255
Common area furnishingsOttoman$142.68
Common area furnishingsEntertainment Center/Table$142
Common area furnishingsBar Stool$101.33
Common area furnishingsRange$719
Common area furnishingsMicrowave$209
Common area furnishingsDishwasher$764
Common area furnishingsFridge$599