UNCG student Erin Neely moves into Moore/ Strong residence hall during move-in day at UNCG.  UNCG's fountain is seen in the background.

Room Change and Room Swap

There are two ways students can request to change their housing assignment: Room Change and Room Swap.
  • A Room Change occurs when a student is interested in changing rooms and does not have a person to switch with.
  • A Room Swap occurs when students agree to switch rooms with each other. Students will need to send an email to HRL@uncg.edu and come to the HRL Office to finalize the switch.

Room Change Fall 2022

If you aren't fully satisfied in your current assignment, we do have some vacancies across campus to accommodate students who want to move. Below is the current room change process.
  • Students have the opportunity to come to the main office of Housing and Residence Life in Ragsdale-Mendenhall to see current vacant spaces during business hours starting 8:30am on Wednesday, August 31st through Friday September 9th at 4pm.
  • Once students arrive they will inform the front desk staff that they are looking for a room change and will be shown the vacant spaces we have available.
  • If we have a vacant space that fits what the student is looking for the room change process will begin immediately.
  • If you are a new first time freshmen, you may ONLY be offered a space in another traditional double room with a roommate.
  • Please keep in mind we do not expect the list of vacancies to include the following spaces:
    • Two Bedroom Two Bathroom Apartments in Spartan Village
    • Two Bedroom One Bathroom Apartments in Spartan Village
    • Spring Garden Four Bedroom Apartment
    • Spartan Village Four Bedroom Apartment
    • Quad or Jefferson Suite Singles
    • Traditional Doubles in Ragsdale/Mendenhall
After September 12, you must contact your CRL for any room change requests.

Room Swap

If two students have agreed to switch rooms both students will need to send an email to HRL@uncg.edu and come to the HRL Office to finalize the switch.
  • Students may be able to find other students wanting to switch rooms via the Artemis portal. Click on the Room Swap button to find a list of students who want to trade.
  • HRL is not able to assist in locating a person to swap with other than providing the Room Swap Form.
  • Both students participating in a Room Swap must email hrl@uncg.edu with the following info:
    • Name
    • UNCG ID Number
    • Hall and Room to which you are currently assigned
    • Name of the Student with whom you want to switch rooms
    • The other student's Hall and Room assignment