A Group of Students

Ed Keller, Associate Director of Operations

Ed came to UNCG in 2003 from a career that started in the US Navy where he served onboard a Guided Missile Destroyer. After a four year service term he was employed in the power generation industry for the next 17 years where he was the Maintenance Manager. He received an Associate in Applied Science degree in Mechanical Technology from Guilford Technical Community College in 2003 just prior to coming to the university. He has served as the Maintenance Supervisor for the Office of Housing and Residence Life and was promoted to Associate Director for Operations in 2006. Ed is dedicated to providing the best possible residential experience for UNCG students.
Email: eakeller@uncg.edu

Josh Beck, Assistant Director for Facilities

Josh grew up in Thomasville, NC before attending North Carolina State University. He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering degree in 2007. Following graduation, he moved into the private engineering sector designing and permitting a variety of projects all across North Carolina. Shortly after joining Davis-Martin-Powell in 2011, Josh began working on the civil design for a number of UNCG projects including Spartan Village. Josh currently is licensed as a Professional Engineer in both North and South Carolina. He joined Housing and Residence Life in the fall of 2013 and looks forward to the opportunity to share his knowledge while he provides leadership and coordination as the Assistant Director for Facilities.
Email: j_beck@uncg.edu

Dwayne Hines

Dwayne Hines, Assistant Director for Housekeeping

Dwayne joined UNC-Greensboro during the summer of 2015. His professional experience includes 15 years with Sodexo providing contracted Building and Environmental services to K-12 and Higher Education institutions. His current responsibilities include managing Building and Environmental Services in all residential buildings.
Email: k_hines@uncg.edu

Steve Glidewell

Steve Glidewell, Maintenance Supervisor

Steve was born and raised in Thomasville, NC. He was employed at Koury Corporation for the past 15 years as the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, overseeing two million square feet of office/retail space. He developed an interest in maintenance at an early age when he was introduced to what it takes to make a building operate effectively and efficiently. Steve strives to improve all areas in the maintenance field on an ongoing basis. While employed at UNCG, he hopes to pull from his extensive knowledge base to provide coordination and leadership as the maintenance supervisor.
Email: s_glidew@uncg.edu

Steve Raye

Steve Raye, Project Manager Supervisor

Steve Raye provides leadership and coordination as a maintenance supervisor for the department of Housing and Residence Life.
Email: swraye@uncg.edu

Lindsay Burkart

Lindsay Burkhart, Project Manager

Lindsay Burkhart joined the university in early 2012 after completing an internship with Barton Malow while building Jefferson Suites. Lindsay is now responsible for many renovation and construction projects for Housing and Residence Life. As a business student, much of Lindsay’s construction and renovation experience has come from on the job experience and through her internship.
Email: leburkar@uncg.edu

Rhonda Strader

Rhonda Strader, Project Manager

Rhonda joined Housing and Residence Life in the fall of 2014. She has worked at UNCG for 15 years in various departments including Grounds, Facilities Operations and Facilities Design and Construction. Recently she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Geography and graduated Cum Laude in December of 2014. Rhonda hopes that all her experience and education will be an asset to Housing and Residence Life and help her provide leadership and coordination with construction and renovation projects.
Email: rbstrade@uncg.edu

Tony Moore

Tony Moore, Housekeeping Supervisor

Tony Moore provides leadership and coordination in assigned area of housekeeping services for the department of Housing and Residence Life.
Email: almoore9@uncg.edu

Theresa Parrish, Housekeeping Supervisor

Theresa Parrish provides leadership and coordination in assigned area of housekeeping services for the department of Housing and Residence Life.
Email: tlparri2@uncg.edu