UNCG Students Lynh Le, left, and Laura Horssall hang out in their Shaw Residence Hall room on the evening in a quad room. (Chris English/UNCG Photo)

Once you’ve become aware of the deadlines you need to follow, you’re ready to use ARTEMIS, your all-access housing portal. You will use Artemis to access everything related to your housing assignment. You will apply, find out your room assignment and your roommate(s)’ information (if you are a new UNCG resident) or select your roommate and your specific room, find room change information, and more. Once you log in using your iSpartan credentials, you will see information that is custom-tailored just for you.

Click the Artemis link to get to the all-access housing portal

Spring 2018 Housing Application

The Spring 2018 Housing Application will be available beginning October 15, 2017. If you are a UNCG student who doesn’t live on campus now, you can complete a housing application for Spring 2018 by using Artemis beginning October 15.

Changes in your roommate situation

Is your Roommate/Suitemate, or Apartment-mate Leaving Before Spring 2018?

If your current roommate or one of your current suite-mates or apartment-mates is not returning to UNCG for the Spring 2018 semester, you may request to pull in a current resident or a UNCG student who has completed a Spring 2018 Housing application. To do so, you need to complete the Roommate Pull-In Form in ARTEMIS by November 28, 2017. After we have verified both the requested space and roommate request, we will contact you to confirm the pull-in. A student who cancels his/her housing contract cannot pull someone in to take his/her bed space.

2017-2018 Housing Application

The guaranteed housing deadline has ended. You can now log into Artemis and complete a Wait list Application. If space becomes available later, you will be notified by email to make the $200 pre-payment. Once you have made the pre-payment you will be assigned to a temporary space.

Here are the steps new applicants will follow:

Step 1: Check Out Special Interest Housing

Find out if you want to apply for Special Interest Housing.

Step 2: Visit Residence Hall Information

Prioritize a list of the halls to which you’d like to be assigned. These include the following halls, (unless you apply and are accepted into a Special Interest Housing Community): Grogan, Guilford, Mary Foust, Moore/Strong, North Spencer, Phillips/Hawkins, Ragsdale/Mendenhall, Reynolds, South Spencer, Weil/Winfield

Step 3: Activate Your iSpartan Email Account

Before you open the application, ACTIVATE your iSpartan email account. UNCG iSpartan accounts are required to log into the application. You must wait one day between the time you activate your iSpartan account and the time you apply.

The application can be completed using most internet browsers on both Mac and Windows PC. Accepted browsers include: IE 9 or older, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome.

Step 4: Test Your Access

Click on the Artemis graphic anywhere on the application page to access the login screen for the application. You can test that your iSpartan account works ahead of time, but you will not be able to complete an application until the deadline period begins.
    Parent/Legal Guardian Approval:
  • If a student is not 18 years of age at the time the online Housing Application is submitted, a parent or legal guardian will need to agree with the conditions and terms of the Housing Contract. Instructions for this step are available in Artemis.

Step 5: Read the Housing Contract

The 2017-18 Housing Contract is a legally binding document. Please read it carefully, as you are responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract.

Step 6: Use Artemis to Apply

This video will help:

Log into Artemis, to begin your housing application. You will be asked about:
  • Special Interest Housing community preferences.
  • Your building preferences (See Step 2 above): This is not optional and you must select all buildings and put them in order of preference. This preference is used if you are not assigned to a Special Interest Community.
  • Any roommate preference and meal plan preferences: You will answer questions that will pair you with a random roommate, or you will select a specific person with whom you’d like to room.
  • You will then order your building preferences.

Getting Your Assignment

New First Time Freshman will be assigned in waves, and the final assignments will be made in early July. During each wave only a percentage of each building will be filled. After you complete the application, you will be able to return to it to edit your preferences until June 30, 2017.
  • 1st Wave: April 1 New Freshmen who apply before March 15, and who don't select a Special Interest Community preference, will receive an assignment by April 1.
  • 2nd Wave: May 1 New Freshmen who apply or de-assign* before April 15, and who don't select a Special Interest Community preference, will receive an assignment by May 1.
  • 3rd Wave: June 1 New Freshmen who apply or de-assign before May 15, will receive an assignment by June 1.
  • Final Wave: July 6 New Freshmen who apply or de-assign before June 15, will receive an assignment by July 6.

Updating Your Application

To update your housing application, log into Artemis and update your preferences. You have until June 30 or once you are assigned to update your preferences.
Please Note: If you want to remove a special interest community preference, you must change the preference to "I don't want to live in a Special Interest Community."

Making Changes by De-Assigning

This video will help:
If you are assigned to a room but you wish to make changes to your assignment, you will need to request to DE-ASSIGN from your current assignment. To de-assign means to be removed from a room to which you were assigned, without cancelling your housing application. You may want to consider this if:
  • You have found a person and you'd like to be paired with as a roommate and you want to add each other to your housing applications. (Remember that to have a mutual roommate request, both students must request each other.)
  • You want to re-order your building preferences because you have changed your mind on the hall in which you'd prefer to live.
  • You have decided to add or drop a Special Interest Community. To remove a special interest community preference, you must change the preference to "I don't want to live in a Special Interest Community."

To de-assign, you must submit the Housing De-Assignment Form for New Freshmen. (Please Note: Do NOT use the De-Assignment Form to cancel your housing. This is not a cancellation form!)
  • Within one business day after this form is completed, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that you have been de-assigned from your current 2017-2018 assignment.
  • You can then update your application preferences in Artemis before the next wave of assignments goes out.
  • You will have until June 15, 2017, to de-assign from your currently assigned room.

Access the adaptive technology transcript: UNCG Freshmen - How to De-Assign.

The Wait List Application has CLOSED!

Temporary Housing

Temporary rooms are converted community rooms in Phillips/Hawkins, Moore/Strong, and Reynolds. Typically, four students are assigned together until a permanent room becomes available. The amount of time a student spends in a temporary room varies. Last year, all students in temporary housing moved to permanent assignments within the first month.
UNCG's meal plan and flex plan rates for residents are available at the HERE. For questions, comments or suggestions related to dining, please contact:

UNCG Dining Services Phone: (336) 334-4101 E-mail: dine@uncg.edu