Roommates chatting on top of their lofted bed in the Quad

Once you’ve become aware of the HOUSING DEADLINES you need to follow, you’re ready to use ARTEMIS, your all-access housing portal. You will use Artemis to access everything related to your housing assignment. You will apply, find out your room assignment and your roommate(s)’ information (if you are a new UNCG resident) or select your roommate and your specific room, find room change information, and more. Once you log in using your iSpartan credentials, you will see information that is custom-tailored just for you.


Spring 2022

Housing Application

The Spring 2022 New Application will go live at 10am on October 4th, 2021. The application is a two part process. To have a complete application, students must complete both the contract application and make the $200 prepayment. The $200 will be applied to the Spring 2022 bills as long as housing isn’t cancelled. There will be a priority deadline of 4pm on November 5th. Students who apply and make the $200 prepayment will be eligible for self-assign in December.

Those who don’t apply by the deadline will be able to complete a non-priority application (without prepayment) beginning November 15th and will be assigned manually based on application preferences by January 3rd, 2022.

The Self-Assign process for those who complete the application and prepayment by the priority deadline (4pm November 5th), will begin on December 15th at 10am for New First Time Students and at 11am for all Upperclassmen students (including new transfer students). The self-assign process will continue until 8am on January 3rd.

Roommate Finder in Canvas

We have a great way for UNCG students to meet others who might like to share a room. The UNCG HRL Roommate Finder in Canvas can help! Just use your iSpartan credentials to access the Canvas Roommate Finder. Visit ROOMMATE FINDER information to get started.

Summer 2022

The summer 2022 application will be available on March 15, 2022. Additional information will be posted prior to March 2022.