UNCG student Montero Carter smiles as he works to move into his dorm at UNCG. (David Wilson/UNCG photo)

Fall 2020: The Two-Stage Arrival Process

It will take all of us working together to keep our campus community safe and healthy. The primary way COVID-19 spreads is through person-to-person contact, so our best hope of preventing its spread is by changing the way we behave. UNCG expects students to show care for their friends, peers, colleagues, and neighbors. This means following some very important guidelines every day — Wear, Wait, Wash.

Wear, wait, wash.

Students are required to wear a face covering in most situations on campus (indoors, outdoors when physical distancing can’t be maintained), to wash their hands often and properly, and to practice physical distancing (6 feet) wherever possible (in lines, at activities, in social situations). Before you leave for campus at either stage of this process, please check for symptoms of COVID-19 using the CDC’s Self Checker. Anyone exhibiting symptom(s) should not come to campus and should consult their health care provider.

Housing and Residence Life (HRL) is adapting Move-In plans accordingly, in order to maximize the safety of students and their families as residents move into the residence halls. The move-in process for residential students will be different for the fall of 2020 than it has been in the past. Outlined below is a look at that process, so you can begin to make plans to come to campus. Move-In will occur in two stages.

  • In Stage 1, you will safely move ALL of your belongings into your room, but you WILL NOT stay on campus.
  • In Stage 2, you will return to campus (prior to the start of fall classes) and you WILL live in your new space.

By July 6, 2020, HRL will email detailed instructions to your iSpartan email account, along with a link to sign up for a specific date and time slot for Stage 1.


Stop, Drop, and Roll

The first step is Stop, Drop, and Roll. At this stage, you will only be able to drop off items and set up your room for the fall semester during your assigned time period, but you will not occupy your room during this time. Stop, Drop, and Roll will take place Saturday, July 25 – Wednesday, August 5. You will receive an email with more detailed instructions and a link to sign up for a specific date and time slot for this stage of Move-In.

STOP - Packing, Planning, and Personal Safety

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bring ALL belongings that you need for the fall semester on campus and move them into your room during Stage 1. You may only bring small last-minute items that you forgot, or that can be easily carried in one trip, during Stage 2.
  • For the move-in process, all residents and visitors should bring their own face coverings from home. Per University policy, face coverings are required to be worn during this process. It is equally important to wear face coverings properly. The University will have a small supply of disposable masks for students during the Move-In process.
  • Have conversations with your roommate(s) prior to arrival, to minimize purchasing or bringing duplicate items.
  • To maximize physical distancing (6 feet) during this process, roommates may not check in on the same date. You should coordinate your time slot reservations together to find times that work best for each of you. All freshmen will have UNCG iSpartan email addresses of their roommate(s) and HRL will monitor conflicts to keep you from signing up for the same time slot as your roommate(s) during this process.
  • Please limit the amount of belongings that you bring to campus. We must be adaptable and prepared for any curveballs COVID-19 throws our way. That means being ready for the possibility that residents may need to remove belongings quickly during the fall semester.
  • Only the resident and two additional people (parents, siblings, guests) will be permitted to access the hall during the move-in process. Every person who enters the residence hall will be required to wear a face covering.
  • A small number of parking spaces will be available near each residence hall during the move-in period to allow residents easier access to the hall. It is imperative that these spaces are only used during your assigned time slot.
  • Please be patient and prepared for this stage to take longer than usual. The process is new in every way -- from traffic flow, to elevator use, to the check-in processes. We know there will be challenges as we go, and ask for your help as a member of our community by coming to campus with a little extra patience and understanding for our team and your fellow parents and students.

DROP - Check In and Move In

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bring ALL belongings that you need for the fall semester and move them into your room during Stage 1. You may only bring small, last-minute items that you forgot, or that can be easily carried in one trip, during Stage 2.
  • All residents will receive their room key when they arrive. New students will receive their UNCG ID card as well, which will allow them to access their assigned hall when they return for Stage 2. Returning students should already have their Spartan ID and should bring it with them when they arrive to campus. Residents will not need to check in again when they return to campus prior to classes < see Stay, Live, Learn, below. >
  • Residents should bring their own handtrucks, carts, and other assistive devices to aid in the move-in process, if possible.
  • A limited number of carts will be available, and can be checked out during this time.

ROLL - Leaving the Residence Hall

  • You will not occupy your room at this time. You will return to campus and stay in your residence hall in Stage 2, between August 12-17. < see Stay, Live, Learn, below. >
  • Please pay attention to the clock as you unload your belongings and move into your room. In order to provide the safest experience for everyone, we ask that you adhere to the time slot you have been assigned.
  • Once your assigned time period has ended, you will need to leave the residence hall. No one may spend the night in any residence hall during Stage 1.
  • Please proceed directly to your parking space and leave the parking lot as quickly as possible. Residents in the subsequent time slot will need to park in those spaces.

Safety Procedures

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us during Stop, Drop and Roll. We are committed to providing the safest means of getting all residents and their guests through this process. You will see:
  • Everyone wearing a face covering. This is vital to helping stop the spread of COVID-19 on our campus.
  • Safe usage guidelines including physical distancing of 6 feet, and occupancy limits for all common areas, lounges, lobbies, game rooms, parlors, and other gathering spaces.
  • Distancing discs on the floors to indicate where to stand if lines are required.
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection of common “high touch” areas (including elevator buttons, exterior door handles, and restrooms) throughout each day and time slot.
  • The ideal furniture organization for each room to allow for maximum physical distancing. We ask you not to move any furniture as spaces have been carefully reconfigured to achieve our physical distancing goals.
  • Hand sanitizing stations at entrances/exits of residence hall buildings.

Stay, Live, and Learn

Stage 2 is NOT another move-in period. All of your belongings should be in your room already. You may only bring small last-minute items that you forgot in Stage 1, or that can be easily carried in one trip, during Stage 2.

New Freshmen and Transfer Students
From Wednesday, August 12 – Friday, August 14 new freshmen and transfer students will return to campus, head to their rooms and prepare for classes as they get acclimated to their new campus home. There will be special on-campus SOAR events on Thursday, August 13 – Friday, August 14. Students will receive a separate email from SOAR with information on these events. Classes begin on Tuesday, August 18.

Returning Students
Returning students can return to the residence halls at any time from Saturday, August 15- Monday, August 17.

  • Visitors (parents, siblings, guests) will not be permitted into the residence halls with you.
  • Residents will need to bring in any extra items unassisted. We will not have carts or other items available that might be typically associated with a move-in experience.
  • Parking near the halls will not be reserved.
  • Remember that face coverings that meet CDC guidelines will be required in most places on campus. We encourage you to bring your own supply of your preferred style of face coverings.  The University also will provide a small supply of disposable masks for students who would like them once you arrive on campus to begin classes. 

Move-In Information


It’s easy to find all housing assignment information. Simply click on the Artemis logo (right) to get to the application’s login screen. Once in Artemis:
  • Login using your iSpartan username and password
  • Click on “Housing Assignment” at the bottom of the page to see if an assignment has been made for you or to see who has been assigned as your roommate. You will also find your roommate's email address.
Log in to Artemis to find housing assignment information
Students will now be able to make changes to their meal plans via their UNCGenie accounts. Here's how:
  • Go to UNCGenie
  • Click on "Personal Information"
  • Click on "Add/Change Fall/Spring Meal Plan" (scroll down to find it)
  • Follow the instrcutions to make a change
Before you arrive on campus, you can get your supplies prepared. You can use the “What to Bring/What Not to Bring” lists as a packing guide.

IMPORTANT NOTES for Fall 2020 Move-In, Stage 1: Stop, Drop, and Roll Process:

Please bring ALL belongings that you need for the fall semester for Stop, Drop and Roll, and move them into your room during Stage 1. You may only bring small, last-minute items that you forgot, or that can be easily carried in one trip, during Stage 2.

Because this is a unique Move-In situation, be sure to bring these additional items for Fall 2020:
  • Students living in apartments and suites should bring their own cleaning supplies.
  • No perishable items should come to campus with you during Stop, Drop and Roll, as you won’t remain on campus.
  • All students should bring thermometers to campus.
  • All students should bring face coverings before leaving home for UNCG's Move-In Process.
  • Before you leave for campus at either stage of the Move-In Process, please check for symptoms of COVID-19 using the CDC’s Self Checker.Anyone exhibiting symptom(s) should not come to campus and should consult their health care provider.

What to Bring/What Not to Bring >
You might also want to check out the Residence Hall Linens program. This program provides a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have sheets and bedding that will fit the extra-long mattresses in our residence halls. The Residence Hall Linens program has all your campus living needs, from extra-long twin sheets and comforters to matching towels and storage items. Proceeds from this program go directly back to Alternative Spring Break* and are used to help defray the costs of volunteer service efforts.

Residence Hall Linens Program

*UNCG’s Alternative Spring Break trips are designed to provide an educational experience to a group of participants and are designed to link the Triad and North Carolina to the world through service. UNCG has sent volunteers to various destinations within the United States to provide service, to become educated on social issues affecting communities and to have LOTS of fun during spring break.

MicroFridge units are now available for UNCG students to rent or purchase through Standards for Living (http://standardsforliving.com/school-info/unc-greensboro). To place your order, visit their website or call the Order Processing Center (1-800-525-7307), Monday – Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The MicroFridge program is sponsored by the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and all proceeds are used for student programming.

Rent a MicroFridge
UNCG is not currently responsible for the loss of personal property in the residence halls. But this year, students have the option to cover the unexpected loss of their personal property due to unforeseen circumstances. Find out more about Student Personal Property Insurance and everything that is covered.