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UNCG Residence Life values and knows that our staff are people first and professional staff members second; however we are aware that life and crisis situations do not always allow for people to feel that priority. The Residence Life leadership team works to create environments where the CRLs are challenged, able to be developed in their personal and professional lives, and look forward to showing up not only for themselves and their staff, but the residents that make our community what it is. UNCG Residence Life actively supports building an inclusive and supportive community for all who live on campus, including our full-time and para-professional staff members.

Our office knows that it is challenging to arrive in a new position so we create a seven workday on-boarding process. Our on-boarding process is designed to help new staff transition into the university, office, role, and city. New staff go through their own training introducing them to people and initiatives in the office and university. This includes overviews of the department’s major initiatives, office visits to campus partners and training sessions with the current staff. Our on-boardign schedule also builds in time for staff to go around the city to address needs created by transitioning to a new address and town that can only take place during business hours.

Following this, all professional staff go through a training schedule designed to both educate for the role and build a team among the staff. This can include retreats, updates on the year’s vision and goals, and social gatherings.  All of this takes place before student staff or residents return so that staff are prepared for their arrival.

As a live-in position, our Coordinator for Residence Life position offers more than a position description. Our staff is large enough that you will likely find someone with whom you can share common interests and hobbies, and small enough that you know each other as individuals.

Additionally, each new CRL is assigned a current CRL as a mentor for their on-boarding process. This relationship was established to help new staff acclimate to the position and Greensboro. Mentors are able to guide the new staff through their on-boarding process, answer questions that arise and help them learn about the office’s processes and culture.

UNCG Housing and Residence Life is proud to be a department dedicated to a curricular approach to support our students. A residential curriculum is our way to be more purposeful and detailed about how we work with students to learn and grow in our residence halls. 

We use strategies that encourage one-on-one conversations with intentionally designed topics, passive, yet interactive bulletin boards, and creative programs driven by data where we focus on the why. We do not utilize a programming model, but we do understand the value and importance of social opportunities for our residents to build community. 

UNG Educational Priority: We have co-created living environments that are inclusive and safe. As a result of the UNCG residential experience, our residents will have the knowledge and skills to pursue holistic wellness, to engage intellectually, and lead with global awareness.

Learning Goals: Leadership, Wellness, Intellectual Engagement, and Inclusive Communities


Gate City Blvd-Spartan Village

UNCG has a vibrant residential community consisting of 28 residence halls, including traditional-style housing, suites, and apartments. Each residence hall is unique in its history, traditions, and student population, and each offers its own experience to the CRLs overseeing them.

In addition to having a diverse collection of residence halls, UNCG offers our students several living-learning communities, themed housing, and residential colleges to be a part of. While these communities offer our students opportunities for experiential learning and enhanced community development, they also offer our CRL staff additional professional experiences. With our residential colleges, CRLs have the opportunity to work directly within the residential curriculum, as well as collaborate with the program’s faculty on a consistent basis. In our five communities that offer LLCs, CRLs directly oversee those particular living-learning communities and work directly to develop the curriculum for those programs. Additionally, LLCs typically have a graduate student within the department who work directly with those communities and curriculum, which offers CRLs the opportunity to supervise graduate students in addition to their other responsibilities.

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To contact a member of our Professional Staff Recruitment team, please email [email protected]. This email is monitored by our staff and will ensure you receive timely correspondence.

For more information on the Office of Housing and Residence Life, please visit us at https://hrl.uncg.edu/.

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