2020-21 Overall Satisfaction
and Assignments

Satisfaction with the process of applying for housing and the room a student is assigned are key drivers of student overall satisfaction. A part of this satisfaction is the feeling a resident has on the value provided by living on campus, and how living on campus impacted their overall experience as a UNCG student.

Satisfaction with the 2020-2021 On-Campus Experience

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A full report of resident perceptions and experience with the assignments process and overall student experience is available here.


With over 3,500 students on campus this year, inevitably residents are going to lock their room without having their key with them, and need to be let back in by a staff member. With the overall on-campus population being down by over 2,000 students due to the pandemic, we were curious to see how this would impact the overall number of lockouts in the residence hall. Please read the full report for more information.