2020-21 Housing Facilities

Despite the additional cleaning and sanitizing demands required due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Housing and Residence Life maintenance and housekeeping staff members continued to provide residents with exceptional service.

A few key highlights include:

  • 57% of residents completed a work order request during the year.
  • Of the 43% who did not, over 76% reported they knew how to make a request if needed.
  • 93% of residents rated the cleanliness of the common areas as an A or B, with 68% providing an A rating.
  • 90% of residents reported their work order request being completed quickly, with 88% being happy with the initial response.

Room Condition Reports (RCRs)

Residents are asked to submit any pre-existing damage to their room upon arrival to UNCG through the RCR form. Though only a small percentage of students report any issues at the time of move in, our facilities staff work quickly to address any matters that require immediate attention. HRL works to ensure all residents know how to report any issues, but we are also happy to see the overall number of RCRs decline, as this means we’ve addressed any potential issues before residents arrive.

A few key highlights include:

  • Between July 2020 and May 2021, there were a total of 626 individual RCRs completed in Roompact. When comparing 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Completed RCRs by Hall (adjusted for population changes), there was a 5% decrease in the average completion rate for Traditional and 9% for Suites and Apartments.
  • Paint chips continue to be the primary issue reported (35% of total issues reported).