All available undergraduate, graduate and professional positions are listed on the HRL website employment page for your consideration on an ongoing basis throughout the year. We encourage you to check periodically to see if we have the position that is right for you.

What’s Available Now?


1) The 2022-23 Resident Advisor Application
Nov. 01, 2021 – Jan. 28, 2022

The RA Recruitment and Selection Committee is seeking strong candidates to join our Resident Advisor team for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. Applications will be reviewed as quickly as possible, however it is important for us to give your application the time and energy it deserves. Please see the important information below and direct any questions to

Thank you and best of luck in the process!

October 25, 2021- January 28, 2022VariousNew RA Info Sessions
November 01, 20219 a.m.New RA Application Goes Live
December 6, 20219 a.m.Returning RA Application Goes Live
January 6, 202211:59 p.m.Completed Returning RA Applications Due
January 29, 202211:59 p.m.Completed New RA Applications Due
February 25, 2022 (TENTATIVE)3-5 p.m.RA Open House
March 18-19, 2022RA Group Process Weekend

The RA Application for 2022-2023 is currently open. We require a complete application to be eligible for the process. We recommend that you set aside 30 minutes to complete the entire application process and do so in one sitting if possible. The application will not be saved until it is completed and submitted. You will receive a notice from the form that your application was completed correctly.


Complete Applications (Application Form, Individual Video Interview, AND Video Interview Submission) are due by 11:59 p.m., January 28, 2022. Please make sure to complete all steps below:

We require a complete application to be eligible for the process. We recommend that you set aside around 15-20 minutes to complete the application in one sitting. The application is completed via Qualtrics and you will not be able to save your application until it’s been completed in its entirety. There is also an individual video interview component and those instructions can be found in the “Individual Video Interview” section below.
Complete the NEW RA Application
We require an individual video interview. The process is run through Big Interview via Career Services at UNCG. Once you have completed the video, you will need to add the link into your application by submitting it via the form in the video interview submission section below. In order to access the video interview prompt, please:
  • Go to
  • Log-in with your UNCG username and password.
  • If you have not already, you will be prompted to enter your demographics.
  • Click on: Assignments.
  • Enter Assignment Code (New RAs: 9ae83e)
  • Click on: I’m Ready!
  • Click on: Allow to let Big Interview use your Camera & Microphone
  • Click on: Done & Practice without Eye Tracking
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to answer the questions.
  • Once you have completed your recording and submitted your video, it will be reviewed by HRL following the submission deadline.
Once you have completed your video interview via Big Interview, please follow the steps below to ensure you submit your interview link with your application for it to be complete:
  • Under the assignments tab, click on “Submitted”
  • Click on the arrow in the upper right corner
  • Click on “Link”
  • Copy link
  • Paste link into Application Google Form
  • Submit completed application

Information Sessions

More Info Sessions to come Spring 2022. Check back SOON!


Candidates will be notified via email on March 4th, 2022, (from if they will be invited to participate in RA Group Process Weekend. Candidates should hold the dates of March 18 & 19, 2022 for RA Group Process Weekend, if invited to participate.

Returning RA Application

A Complete Returning RA Application Includes: RA Application Form AND Panel Interview. Your Application Form is due by 11:59PM on January 6, 2022. Within your Qualtrics application, you will provide your panel interview date & time availability. You will be notified of your confirmed panel interview within 2 – 3 business days. As a reminder the University is closed from December 24, 2021 – January 2, 2022.

Please make sure to complete all of the steps below:

We require a complete application to be eligible for return. We recommend that you set aside around 15-20 minutes to complete the application in one sitting. The application is completed via Qualtrics and you will not be able to save your application until it’s been completed in its entirety. There is also a panel interview and those instructions can be found in the “Returning RA Panel Interview” section below.
Complete the RETURNING RA Application
  • Resident Advisors (RA) are selected on the basis of their potential and ability to provide leadership and service to students living in the residence halls. Resident Advisor responsibilities are often non-scheduled, spontaneous, and determined by the needs and expectations of the students within a community. As a part of the Resident Advisor experience, our student staff members will develop skills to become global leaders, resilient persons, critical thinkers, and community builders.
  • As a Returning RA, you are asked to serve all students on our campus and can be placed to work and live in any of our residential communities. With this in mind, create a 10-minute presentation on how you would build a community for residents in a suite style, apartment, and traditional community.
  • Additional Information
    • Your presentation should be at least 10-minutes in duration.
    • Expect a 2 to 5 minute question and answer portion at the conclusion of your presentation.
    • Expect to speak to a panel of CRLs and ACRLs.
    • Your presentation will be given via Zoom, it will be recorded, and it will be added to your application for consideration.

  • 2.5 G.P.A. (Semester and Cumulative)
  • Positive Attitude, Passion, & Persistence
  • Not on active conduct standing (e.g., warning, probation, etc.) as of Fall 2021
  • Full academic year commitment (no study abroad)
  • Advocate for residents and your community.
  • Support your residents throughout the semester by connecting with them at least 2 times.
  • Maintain a sense of home for the community.
  • Implement programming to provide growth/development outside the classroom.
  • Enforce HRL rules and regulations to maintain safety of all residents.
  • Assist in connecting residents to all the resources the UNCG campus has to offer.
  • Visible in the halls: programs, addressing resident concerns, serving in duty rotation managing crises
  • Extra-curricular commitments and/or outside employment is permitted but cannot exceed nine (9) hours per week.
  • RA Training 14 days prior to the official opening of the University)
  • Additional responsibilities for during hall opening and closing at the beginning and end of the semester.
  • Event Support:
    • House Calls
    • HRL Opening Programs
    • Spartan Showcase
    • Destination UNCG
    • RAContinuing Development (Monthly)
  • On Campus Connections
  • Professional Growth & Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Event Management Skills
  • And More!
  • $700 per month for 10 months ($7,000 total)
  • Discounted Housing Rate (pay $2,400 per semester regardless of locations)
  • Discounted Dining - “RA Meal Plan” Optional ($947.66 with 45 meal swipes and 700 flex *The RA meal plan is subject to change over the summer*

If you have any questions regarding technical assistance with the video, please contact Career Services. For all other questions, please contact Thank you!


Coordinator for Residence Life (CRL)

Housing and Residence Life is now hiring for the Coordinator for Residence Life (CRL) position. For more information about the CRL position, please visit
Apply Now >

GRADUATE Positions

There are currently no graduate positions available. Please check back!

Looking for Undergraduate Employment?

Each year, HRL hires for various undergraduate positions on a fairly predictable timeline. In order to make students aware of ways in which they may wish to join the HRL team in the future, below is a list of undergraduate job descriptions. Students can find out how to get involved in leadership roles, gain valuable work experience and in some cases become a paid employee. General timelines for hiring for these positions are noted.

Notice: HRL will not be hiring Summer Conference Assistants for the summer of 2021.

The Summer Conference Assistant (SCA) provides quality customer service and assistance to Spartan Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) and summer conference/camp participants. SCAs are responsible for the daily operation of the residence halls when orientation and conferences/camps are in session. SCAs are expected to create an atmosphere of helpfulness and friendliness while meeting the needs of the SOAR and conference/camp groups and their participants. The SCA is involved in all phases of the SOAR and conference/camp program, including but not limited to the check-in/check-out process, duty, facilities management, and the participant experience. Application Timeline: March
The Resident Advisor (RA) is responsible for a living area housing approximately 25-75 students in one of the University residence halls. Reporting to a Coordinator (CRL/RCC), or an Assistant Coordinator (ACRL), the RA has responsibilities in student development, programming, general administration, maintenance, and facility administration, and the selection of staff. The RA works as an integral member of the Housing and Residence Life team and is required to demonstrate professionalism as they assist students on a daily basis. RAs articulate to residents the philosophy and policies of Housing and Residence Life and UNC Greensboro. They represent HRL and UNCG by serving as a primary role model for residents. This position description outlines the major areas of responsibility. Application Timeline: October - January
The Desk Assistant (DA) is responsible for the assistance of The Office of Housing and Residence Life staff and students in communities containing desk operations. The DA may work in more than one community and will be under the direct supervision of the Coordinator for Residence Life (CRL) or Assistant Coordinator for Residence Life (ACRL) in that community when scheduled. The DA will have multiple responsibilities including but not limited to administrative tasks, customer service, student/guest referral, and office management. The DA will serve as a first contact for students and guests in The Office of Housing and Residence Life and thus is required to demonstrate a high level of professionalism. The following sections will outline major areas of responsibility. Application timeline: February-March.