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What is Global Village?

Join the vibrant and diverse community of the UNCG Global Village, where undergraduate students can immerse themselves in new languages and cultures while having fun with like-minded peers. Established in 2012, this unique living and learning experience offers the opportunity to study one of nine languages offered through the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Enhance your college experience and broaden your horizons – become a part of the Global Village today!

Languages offered:

  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish
Global Village logo

Global Village Mission Statement

At Global Village, our mission is to bring together a dynamic community of undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to explore the rich tapestry of global languages, literatures, and cultures. We aim to create an inclusive environment where students can learn, grow, and thrive together. Through language immersion, field trips, activities, and intercultural exchange, we empower our participants with the skills and competencies needed to become informed, engaged global citizens. Join us as we build a vibrant, diverse collegiate community at the forefront of global education.

Eligible Students

This community is open to any student of any major; willing to commit to the fulfillment of the Global Village mission. To sign up for Global Village, fill out this Form. Before you can be considered you also need to have a complete housing application in ARTEMIS.

Course Requirement

Global Village students are required to enroll in the following introductory level courses:

  • LLC 120 “Global Crossings,” 3 credits (GLT/GN)
  • LLC 111 “Connection, Collaboration, and Inquiry,” 1 credit
  • At least one language course at the appropriate level, 3 credits

(Placement testing provided by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and

  • LLC 389 “LLC Service Learning,” 3 credits (NOTE: This course is appropriate for students of all levels)
  • At least one language course at the appropriate level, 3 credits

*If a student is in their second year at the Global Village and has completed the required courses from the previous year, they must enroll in one of the language or LLC courses offered by the program every semester from then on, and participate in Global Village activities each semester.

Related Co-Curricular Opportunities (Optional)

Global Villagers are encouraged to participate in co-curricular opportunities related to their LLC experiences. Of particular interest are UNCG’s Global Leadership Program, the Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leadership Programs, the Office of Intercultural Engagement’s Spartans in Dialogue Program, and volunteering or interning with the Center for New North Carolinians.


Language Practice

Global Villagers meet weekly with peer facilitators. These are UNCG students with advanced language skills or students who are native speakers. The weekly meetings provide Global Village students with more guidance and oral practice than non-Global Village students in their language courses.

Inter-Cultural and International Experiences

An array of co-curricular activities aimed at promoting cultural awareness among students includes foreign film screenings, guest lectures, field trips, and cultural celebrations. Some of these activities include visits to Old Salem, NC, The United Nations in NYC, and Washington DC; retreats at the “Elsewhere” living museum in Greensboro, guest lectures on global sustainability, canvas painting at Artist Bloc, and Holidays Around the World Extravaganza. To further foster cultural exchange, students are encouraged to interact with international students on campus, representing countries from around the world.

Co-Curricular Transcript Recognition

Students who complete the Global Village experience receive recognition for this accomplishment on their official UNCG Co-Curricular Transcript.

Beyond the First Year

Global Villagers continue to explore the world via study abroad later in their college careers. Many decide to add a major or minor in a language; others develop their international leadership skills through the Global Leadership Program. All of our students become active members of the campus community, engaging with the local and the global to make a difference in both arenas.

Our Commitment

Having close interactions with faculty, peer facilitators, and fellow Global Villagers, students will find a home in a cohesive community that values cultural and linguistic diversity, inter-cultural exchanges, and community building.

Community Staff

  • Language Professors
  • Lead Global Village Coordinator
  • Peer facilitators
  • ​Email us with specific questions: Alex Hortal, Senior Lecturer, at or Keeyana Talley, Assistant Director for Residence Life, at with “Global Village” in the subject line.

Global Village Alumni

Hear what Global Village Alumni have to say about their experiences, goals, and achievements!

A group of Global Villagers
Testimonials from former Students:

“I have gotten a lot out of the Global Village. Because of the global village, I have learned how to manage my time and become comfortable in front of a group. I have met great people that I still keep in contact with to this day.”

“I decided to join the Global Village because it was a challenge that I wanted to take on. It seemed like a great opportunity since I want to be a professor one day.”

“As an International and Global Studies minor, I am very interested in becoming a global citizen and I feel I can further work to achieve this goal with the help of the Global Village.”

Testimonials from former Peer Facilitators

“I greatly enjoyed teaching and sharing with my students my culture and my native language. I also enjoyed working with my fellow peer facilitators and learning their cultural stories and how they connect both their native culture with their American culture.”

“I liked that I got to work closely with the students I tutored and the events are always great.”

“I joined because I believed that it would be a great opportunity to help others with the language I’m fluent in. It was also a great way to get to know incoming freshmen.”

“The Global Village has done so many great things to help me prepare for my future career and I sincerely thank the Global Village and Dr. Rinner for giving me the opportunity of being a part of the Global Village. I never took this opportunity for granted because I knew it was a privilege to serve as a facilitator and that’s why I always tried to do as much as possible for the program.”

Global Village students are high achievers!

These are some of their awards/honors:

  • Membership in national academic honors societies
  • Appointments to serve as a University Marshall
  • Recipients of department, College, University, and national scholarships (e.g., Spicer Scholarship, Freeze Scholarship, Simpson Scholarship, King Scholarship)
  • Selection to pursue Disciplinary Honors in Spanish, or French & Francophone Studies, or German Studies
  • Mention on University Honor rolls
  • Internships in area non-profits
  • Acceptance for study abroad and related travel grants
  • Placement in the Lloyd International Honors College