What is Spartan Wellness?

Spartan Wellness is a vibrant community open to new first-year students of any major with a strong desire to cultivate and maintain a healthful lifestyle based on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness!

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Eligible Students

This community is open to a maximum of 38 new first-year undergraduate students of any major; willing to commit to the values and fulfillment of Spartan Wellness Living Learning Community.

Living in Weil/Winfield

Spartan Wellness students live on separate gender-based floors (the Ground and 1st floors) of Winfield Residence Hall and have shared access to the “Wellness Studio” for studying, group activities, and workshops. Weil/Winfield’s location offers easy access to recreational facilitates and central areas on campus.

Community Staff

  • Coordinator of Residence Life (CRL), a full-time professional staff member responsible for overall building management and student life of Weil-Winfield.
  • Assistant Coordinator for Residence Life (ACRL), a graduate student assistant with primary responsibility for the Wellness community.
  • Resident Advisor (RA), undergraduate student employee and leader for each residence hall floor and community.

Opportunities and Benefits

  • Dedicated staff who are committed to your academic success
  • Support in transition from high school to college
  • Live with college students interested and invested in health and wellness
  • Weekly wellness workshops conducted in your residence hall
  • Participate in wellness activities, LLC specific events, and field trips
  • Peer to peer support and development of friendships
  • Student Leadership development opportunities

Participation Expectations

Spartan Wellness explores the 8 Dimensions of Wellness through experiential programming, community engagement, and regular interaction with students, staff and faculty. Spartan Wellness students demonstrate a commitment to holistic wellness individually and through fulfilling community requirements.

To be part of Spartan Wellness, students are required to:

  • Attend and engage in scheduled weekly community gatherings and workshops throughout the year.
  • Actively engage in Spartan Wellness activities including partnerships with the UNCG Kaplan Center for Wellness, residence hall programming, guest speakers, and local/regional trips. (Ex. Hiking, Intramural sports, financial literacy, meditation, etc.)
  • Meet with your LLC Coordinator periodically to check in on your transition to college life/UNCG.
  • Be a positive member who contributes to a healthy and vibrant community environment.
  • Have Fun!

Our Wellness Commitment

As a Spartan Wellness student you help form a community committed to learning and demonstrating holistic wellness based on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness model. Holistic wellness informs our personal and academic values, and we empower ourselves and others to make healthy life choices. We make the commitment to foster a clean living environment; one free of illegal substances and destructive behavior. As members of this community, we will consistently attend and actively participate in scheduled community meetings, workshops, and programs. We will strive for academic excellence and achieving our set goals, as we pledge to be healthy, be inspired, and be well.