UNCG photo by David Wilson - Aerial photo of the College Avenue location on the UNCG campus.

Maybe you want to choose where you want to live by a residence hall’s location. There are five distinct areas where the residence halls are located, each with benefits based on proximity to different parts of campus. Take a look below to see which area looks good to you. The individual residence halls in each area are also listed.

The High Rises

Cone, Grogan, and Reynolds make up a cluster of residence halls known as the “high rises.” The location of these halls provides easy access to walking trails through the wooded areas of campus, as well as to the College Avenue and the Gray Drive areas, where all of the other traditional residence halls are located.

Cone | Grogan | Reynolds

Aerial view of the high rises

College Ave.

Guilford, Mary Foust and the Spencers Community (North and South Spencer) are centrally located on “College Avenue,” an expansive pedestrian walkway that runs from North Drive to Spring Garden Street. Academic buildings, university dining, the Elliott University Center and the Jackson Library are all a short walk away.

Guilford | Mary Foust | North Spencer | South Spencer

An aerial view of College Ave.

Gray Drive Area

The traditional residence halls along Gray Drive are located closest to West Market Street on the north side of campus, with easy access to both the walking trails and the athletic fields. The individual buildings along Gray Drive are identified with two names, one refers to the left side and the other, the right side of one combined building.

Moore/Strong | Phillips/Hawkins | Quad | Ragsdale/Mendenhall | Weil/Winfield

An aerial view of the Gray Drive area

Spring Garden St.

A cluster of suite- and apartment-style housing, predominantly for upperclassmen, is located close to the intersection of Spring Garden and Aycock streets. Residents are a short walk from Yum Yum’s ice cream, multiple restaurants and pharmacies. With ample parking, this location offers the independence that upperclassmen generally prefer, along with the benefits and convenience that come with living on campus.

Jefferson Suites | Spring Garden Apartments | Tower Village

Spring Garden Street looking at Jefferson Suites

Gate City Blvd.

The six residence halls of Spartan Village include the newest campus housing offered at UNCG and are located adjacent to Gate City Blvd. Residents can take a short ride to central campus on the Spartan Village Express, stroll under the new Gate City Blvd. pedestrian underpass, or easily walk to get to the many retails areas on Tate Street. Students on Gate City Blvd. have the opportunity to easily join in UNCG activities or to step away to enjoy their privacy.

Spartan Village | Lofts on Lee (for graduate students)

Gate City Blvd and the view of Spartan Village from Lofts on Lee to McCormick