What’s important to you? Is it location, building amenities, bathroom privacy, atmosphere, or being with students who share a common interest? Having an idea of what makes you feel at home is an important first step in finding the right living situation.

UNCG offers traditional-, suite-, and apartment-style residence halls designed to meet your needs. Each style offers specific amenities that benefit students as they progress through UNCG.

Traditional Residence Halls on Campus a UNCG - Moore/Strong

Traditional Residence Halls – Typically for New Freshmen

Perfect for new, first-year students to make connections with other freshmen who are just embarking on their college career, traditional-style housing is also the most affordable of all of the housing options. The building layouts offer double-occupancy rooms located on both sides of a corridor with community bathrooms that serve the floor. It’s the best place to live to meet new friends.

Suite-style residence halls at UNCG - Jefferson Suites

Suites – For Upperclass Residents

As students become familiar with college life, they begin to prefer more spacious, contemporary accommodations and more privacy. They still require easy access to campus services, the support of staff and the security campus housing provides. Although suites vary in their specific amenities, residents enjoy semi-private bathrooms, beautiful common areas, and outstanding amenities. Looking for outstanding amenities? The suites have them. Residents enjoy semi-private bathrooms and outstanding, modern amenities in the suites themselves, along with spacious and beautiful common areas. Upgrades are everywhere you look.

Apartment-style Residence halls at UNCG - Spring Garden Apartments

Apartments – For Upperclass & Graduate Residents

The apartments offer the independence that upperclassmen generally prefer, along with the benefits and convenience that come with living on campus. Students have the opportunity to easily join in UNCG activities or to step away to enjoy their privacy. Apartment residents pay only for August-May on their university accounts. They can also stay for holidays, and fall and spring semester breaks.