Everything you need to know about your reservation with summer camps and conferences can be found using the links below.

Outside Door Access

The camp or conference coordinator will determine who is to receive access cards (for outside door access) and will provide HRL with this information on the final confirmation form. Please note that all residence halls are closed and locked 24 hours a day. If camp or conference guests do not have an outside door access card, they must be escorted by a chaperone or other staff to enter the building.

Room Keys

The camp or conference coordinator will receive the appropriate number of keys, as agreed upon, so that each participant has access to a living space and is able to secure belongings. Participants should be encouraged to keep their keys with them at all times to avoid lock-outs.

Lost Keys

  • The cost for a lost outside door access card is $10.
  • The cost for a lost room door key is $35 for traditional halls and $75 for keys to suites/apartments or community rooms (including rooms in Spring Garden, Tower Village, Jefferson Suites, Spartan Village, The Quad).
  • All lost key charges will be charged to the camp or conference coordinator.

The camp or conference coordinator shall provide adequate and appropriate supervision of all persons associated with this program or conference during their stay at UNCG including unscheduled periods of time. HRL requires the following ratio of staff to campers: Ages 6-8: 1 to 6; Ages 9-14: 1 to 8; Ages 15-17: 1 to 10.

All camps and conferences are required to follow university policies with regard to the protection of children on campus.

The camp or conference coordinator is responsible for adhering to UNCG policy and doing background check on all adults who will work with children under 18 in summer camps and may be asked to provide evidence of background checks to HRL staff.
HRL will invoice the camp or conference coordinator immediately following the event. HRL does not bill participants individually or accept credit card payments. Full settlement of camp or conference expenses is due within 30 business days of receiving an invoice. Any errors must be reported to HRL within 10 business days of receiving the invoice.

Affiliated camps/conferences

The camp or conference coordinator will receive one final invoice for all charges, typically in the form of an interdepartmental invoice.

Unaffiliated camps/conferences

The camp or conference coordinator will receive an invoice from UNCG Online which will include housing charges as part of a detailed invoice for services rendered.

UNCG Individuals

In rare cases, an individual participant (an adult) associated with UNCG can pay the HRL Business Manager with a non-refundable check, money order, or cashier’s check payable to UNCG in full prior to his/her stay in UNIVERSITY housing. This payment is non-refundable.

Cancellation of this contract for any reason after receipt of the final confirmation form will result in a charge equal to 85% of the participant projection on the final confirmation.
Camp or conference coordinators have two options for making room assignments for a camp or conference, as follows:
  • Camp or conference coordinators can provide HRL staff with the number of rooms needed and will be given a spreadsheet to make their own assignments to be returned to HRL three weeks prior to check-in.
  • Camp or conference coordinators can provide HRL staff with the number of rooms needed and a roster of participants and HRL staff will make assignments three weeks prior to check-in.
  • In either case, final rosters need to be agreed upon three weeks prior to the arrival of the camp or conference, unless other arrangements have been made with HRL staff.

Reservation Form

The predicted number of participants indicated on the reservation form can be revised up to five weeks before the arrival date without penalty. Beyond this, if final confirmation numbers are less than 85% of the participant projection, the conference will be charged full room fees per person/per day up to 85% of the initial confirmation numbers. Should final numbers be more than projected, they will be accommodated only with departmental approval.

Final Confirmation

Four weeks before a camp or conference arrives on campus, the camp or conference coordinator will be sent the "Final Confirmation Information"form. The camp or conference coordinator will then have two weeks to finalize and make any changes related to room/hall access, the number and gender breakdown of attendees, etc. HRL must receive this form and a finalized roster of participants three weeks in advance of the arrival of a camp or conference.

Camp or conference coordinators will confirm check-in times and arrival window for participants, chaperones, and staff on the final confirmation form. If changes or modifications need to be made to these times, a minimum of two weeks advance notice will be required to accommodate these changes. For groups under 100 total participants, please limit check-in/check-out times to a two-hour window.
  • All live-in counselors or chaperones associated with a camp or conference will participate in a safety seminar on check-in day. Fire safety evacuation procedures and emergency response protocol will be reviewed and other HRL policies and procedures will be shared.
  • All chaperones and participants are expected to adhere to all state and local laws. Possession and/or consumption of alcohol or drugs within the residence halls is prohibited by all Participants.
  • Persons not designated as part of the camp or conference listing (guests) are not permitted to stay in the residence halls overnight.
The University agrees to provide the following special services:
  • University housing staff will perform check-in and check-out and will provide Participants with access to the residence halls.
  • A cell phone number will be provided which enables the Client to contact a University housing Summer Conference Assistant (SCA) 24-hours a day. Incoming calls may be routed to approriate personnel as needed.
  • SCAs will arrive at the designated check-in/check-out area 30 minutes prior to the assigned arrival time(s) and one or more Summer Conference Assistants will be temporarily located in the residence hall(s) assigned to the group from 7 p.m. - 7 a.m., with desk duty from 7 p.m.-10 p.m., during the entirety of the group's stay on campus.

Food Service

  • Clients affiliated with the University must contact University dining directly with all dining questions.
  • Clients unaffiliated with the University must work with the UNCG Online Department to meet all dining needs.


All residence halls on the UNCG campus have free laundry facilities. No prepaid cards or cash is necessary.


  • Linen packs are available to groups who reside in the residence halls. A linen packet consists of two sheets, a pillow, a pillow case and a blanket. Also provided are one large towel and one washcloth. The Client should indicate that linens are required on the initial reservation form to provide enough time to ensure that linens are ready by the arrival of the group.
  • Blankets must NOT be washed in the laundry rooms available on campus.
  • If ordered weekly, linens are changed on Wednesdays. In order to swap out linens, Participants should take the current linens and towels and roll them into the pillowcase and place them outside the door and a new linen pack will be distributed to the room.
  • For those receiving only one set of linens for the entire length of a camp or conference, we ask that Participants take the linens and towels and roll them into the pillowcase and place them outside the door just prior to check-out. This helps our housekeepers tremendously in keeping record of the linens that were returned.
  • Failure to return linens will result in the following charges: $20 per blanket; $25 for entire package; $10 for missing sheets; $5 for towels.

Replacement costs:

  • Lost Keys - $35 for keys to traditional rooms; $75 for keys to suites/apartments/community rooms (including rooms in Spring Garden, Tower Village, Jefferson Suites, Spartan Village, and The Quad)
  • Lost Cards - $10 each
  • Lost Linens - $20 per blanket; $25 for entire package; $10 for missing sheets; $5 for towels
  • The minimum fee for any emergency FIXT maintenance requests, Locksmiths, or OTIS Elevator Services is $150.
  • Building Damages - Damages will be assessed on an individual basis by the Associate Director for Operations and damages will be communicated as soon as possible to the Client. Ten business day after receipt of the invoice, all damage charges will be considered final.
In addition to the information above, additional policies and procedures are outlined on this printable .pdf. Please feel free to make as many copies as you need for the staff in your group. Topics included describe housing policies and procedures that will be discussed at the safety talk prior to your group's arrival, including, but not limited to:
  • Residence Hall policies and damage charges
  • Laundry
  • Linens
  • Weather Emergencies
  • Alarms/Evacuation Procedures