Soccer camp fun in the summer

Due to the current status of the pandemic, details about the 2022 Camp & Conference Services will appear as soon as we have them.

We are not taking tentative reservations at this time.

For now, please peruse the 2020 information below as a guide only for our typical process.

Our camp and conference summer season will operate from May 16 to July 26, 2020.

To start the process, camp/conference coordinators should submit a Housing Reservation Form (available January 15, 2020 on this page). The deadline to reserve summer housing for 2020 is March 1, 2020. We know that you may not have all the details for your stay at that time, but please fill it out to the best of your ability. We will contact you five weeks before your group arrives to get more detailed information on a final confirmation form. If your numbers change dramatically, we need to know before five weeks out, or additional charges may apply.

Please Note: Housing and Residence Life expects the following ratio of staff to campers: Ages 6-8: 1 to 6; Ages 9-14: 1 to 8; Ages 15-17: 1 to 10. All camps and conferences are required to follow university policies with regard to the protection of children on campus, which can be found in the Guide to Operating Youth Programs.

Greensboro Area Summer Intern Housing

Attention Interns: If you are an intern this summer or you need to provide housing for students participating in summer internships in the Greensboro area, please DO NOT submit this reservation form. Instead please visit the website for area interns.

Greensboro-Area Intern Housing >

Make a Reservation

1) Complete a Reservation Beginning Jan. 15

The deadline for all reservations for 2020 is March 1, 2020. We know that you may not have all the details you need, but please fill it out to the best of your ability.

Affiliated Camps

Affiliated camps include any group or program sponsored by a University Department, that has an on-going relationship with that department.

  • If you indicate that you represent an affiliated camp or conference on the reservation form, you must contact parking services at to arrange parking details.Likewise, you should contact Dining Services at or to discuss meal options for your campers.
  • Your housing reservation form will automatically go to Parking and Dining Services. Fill out the reservation form first; then contact those departments.
  • Any other services an affiliated group might need must be arranged by the camp or conference coordinator.

Unaffiliated Camps

If you indicate that you are an unaffiliated camp or conference on the housing reservation form, you MUST ALSO sign a contract with UNCG Online.

  • UNCG Online’s event coordinator will handle details in addition to housing, including meeting facilities, catering, dining, parking, field and classroom reservation and more.
  • To start that process, please submit their Booking Request Form.
Email Confirmation

2) Email Confirmation

Once a reservation form is submitted, the conference coordinator will receive an email confirmation. Contained in the confirmation will be the “Reservation Fact Sheet” which outlines details related to Housing and Residence Life conference policies and procedures, including details such as the cancellation policy, key and card access and much more. Your reservation will be processed and a tentative building assignment will be communicated with you as soon as possible, assuming space allocation and other needs can be met.

Final Confirmation Information

3) Final Confirmation Information

Four weeks before a camp or conference arrives on campus, the conference coordinator will be sent a “Final Confirmation Information” form. The conference coordinator will then have two weeks to finalize and make any changes related to room/hall access, the number and gender breakdown of attendees, etc. Housing and Residence Life must receive final confirmation, signed contract and final roster of participants two weeks in advance of the camp or conference arrival.

Check Out and Billing

4) Check Out and Billing

The conference is then initiated as agreed upon in the final confirmation. After final check-out, the conference coordinator will receive an interdepartmental invoice or a bill which will include any additional charges for lost keys, damages, etc. We cannot collect from individuals. We will send an invoice to the camp or conference coordinator, and it will be his or her responsibility to recoup payment from individual participants.